Not to forget

My Rhino command set.

Z ‘_Zoom
ZE ‘_Zoom _Extents
ZEA ‘_Zoom _All _Extents
ZS ‘_Zoom _Selected
ZSA ‘_Zoom _All _Selected
S ‘_Snap
O offset
P ‘_Planar
M ! _Move
U _Undo
POn ! _PointsOn
POff ! _PointsOff
C copy
W ‘_SelWindow
COn ‘_CurvatureGraph
COff ‘_CurvatureGraphOff
PlugInManager ! _OptionsPage _PlugIns
AdvancedDisplay ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings
DisplayAttrsMgr ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings
h hide
hh show
g group
gg ungroup
r rotate
sca scale1d
i invert
ex extend
ext extrudecrv
tr trim
l polyline
d distance
e delete
rec rectangle
ma matchlayer
sc selcolor
ff moveface
mi mirror
st sellast
lk lock
il invert lock
ul unlock
lo lock
exs extrudesrf
ih invert hide
f fillet
da DimAligned

Bold – Most useful.

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