my own foodshed

I have kept track of my own foodshed. I wish I could embed this graph. Anyway.

1. MUFFIN (3.0) / 2. BURGER (3.0)

3. 제육 (2.0) / 4. KATSU DON (2.0) / 5. 김치찌개 (2.0) / 6. 만두 (2.0)  / 7. FRUIT SALAD (2.0) / 8. 오뎅국 (2.0) / 9. PAN CAKE (2.0) / 10. MEATBALL (2.0)

It’s a month’s. There are only two tripled. It’s a nice diversity. Actually, muffin is not my favorite, but at Cosmopolitan Hotel Cafe near my work, it’s not just muffin. They bake their own crispy muffin.

To remember, I also take pictures of my food. @flickr MY FOODSHED set. But, I don’t like take a picture of food so much, cause I’m always busy to eat.

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