Not to forget

My Rhino command set. Z ‘_Zoom ZE ‘_Zoom _Extents ZEA ‘_Zoom _All _Extents ZS ‘_Zoom _Selected ZSA ‘_Zoom _All _Selected S ‘_Snap O offset P ‘_Planar M ! _Move U _Undo POn ! _PointsOn POff ! _PointsOff C copy W ‘_SelWindow COn ‘_CurvatureGraph COff ‘_CurvatureGraphOff PlugInManager ! _OptionsPage _PlugIns AdvancedDisplay ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings DisplayAttrsMgr !… Continue reading Not to forget


Rhino for Mac beta

Rhino for Mac OS X (codename: Wenatchee) is still in beta, so it has been still unstable, no plug-ins (like MonkeyScript) and no rendering tool. I use school’s license Rhino so far, I did’t use it actually so far. But the term of each build has been so short, and now it’s somehow stable .… Continue reading Wenatchee

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