Not to forget

My Rhino command set.

Z ‘_Zoom
ZE ‘_Zoom _Extents
ZEA ‘_Zoom _All _Extents
ZS ‘_Zoom _Selected
ZSA ‘_Zoom _All _Selected
S ‘_Snap
O offset
P ‘_Planar
M ! _Move
U _Undo
POn ! _PointsOn
POff ! _PointsOff
C copy
W ‘_SelWindow
COn ‘_CurvatureGraph
COff ‘_CurvatureGraphOff
PlugInManager ! _OptionsPage _PlugIns
AdvancedDisplay ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings
DisplayAttrsMgr ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings
h hide
hh show
g group
gg ungroup
r rotate
sca scale1d
i invert
ex extend
ext extrudecrv
tr trim
l polyline
d distance
e delete
rec rectangle
ma matchlayer
sc selcolor
ff moveface
mi mirror
st sellast
lk lock
il invert lock
ul unlock
lo lock
exs extrudesrf
ih invert hide
f fillet
da DimAligned

Bold – Most useful.


Rhino for Mac OS X (codename: Wenatchee) is still in beta, so it has been still unstable, no plug-ins (like MonkeyScript) and no rendering tool. I use school’s license Rhino so far, I did’t use it actually so far. But the term of each build has been so short, and now it’s somehow stable . I mean, for ‘light use.’

Wenatchee (work-in-progress) builds will be available by invitation to a few brave individuals that can stand the pain of helping to keep the early builds running.

Sometimes, I open the program, and draw some meaningless boxes ((I even finish one visual study class with this ‘test’ ))… Copy them, and paste them here and there… and put some light… and test its rendering quality… – Actually I’m not a good 3D operator. Always just “TEST.” It’s like a scribbling for fun. In fact, when I draw that image, it was not only for fun. There was some intention – “TEST” for another design option – and I also wanted to test beta Rhino’s stability. To add, now Wenatchee (beta Rhino Mac OS X’s code name) has its own inner renderer, I also wanted to test that.

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