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  • my own foodshed

    I have kept track of my own foodshed.  http://daytum.com/jacopast I wish I could embed this graph. Anyway. 1. MUFFIN (3.0) / 2. BURGER (3.0) 3. 제육 (2.0) / 4. KATSU DON (2.0) / 5. 김치찌개 (2.0) / 6. 만두 (2.0)  / 7. FRUIT SALAD (2.0) / 8. 오뎅국 (2.0) / 9. PAN CAKE (2.0) / 10. MEATBALL (2.0) It’s a month’s. There are only two tripled. It’s a nice diversity. Actually, muffin is […]

  • Jaws Bar

    Jaws Bar

    I don’t like Jaws bar (even in Korea), but I wanted to introduce ‘Korean flavor’ to my friends – The pure artificial junk flavor. However US version of Jaws bar was too weak. Original ‘Jaws Bar’ has more stronger artificial flavor. 100% of pure process popsicle with pure artificial color of red and deep blue […]

  • Fridge solution

    It was a while ago, there was a TV show about food. One famous chef went to a family house, and he made whatever chef-gourmet from the fridge garbage. I wish there’s Fridge Manager, too. 1. Scan (or take a picture) the receipt. or scan the barcode with iPhone. 2. upload them, then the Fridge […]

  • Dango


    Delicious. Dango (団子?) is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour), related to mochi. – Wikipedia

  • Geeta’s

    For publication of Prof. Geeta’s apartment interior design, I took some photos while ago. (It was paid job!) Since I sold most of my equip, I use Monica’s Nikon D90.

  • vegetable

    Hungry at night, asparagus is really helpful.

  • Food urbanism

    Saltpans, new market-rated residential… ferry.. Actually Saltpans are sweet and barbecue flavored… Or Chex mix Urbanism.

  • dressing

    간장같은 거. 라고 속으로만 알고 있고, 어딜가든 그 이름을 몰라서 못먹었던 것이 오리엔탈 드레싱. 오늘에서야 ‘명칭’을 알았다. 앞으로는 드레싱은… 할 때 쫄지 말아야지.

  • collection


    둘이 먹어야하는 상황에서 좀 난감했다.

  • missing you

    missing you

    니자가 너무 보고 싶어서 밤에 슈퍼 슈프림 피자를 시켜 열심히 먹었어욤.

  • domino


    그러니까 엊그제 먹은게 못내 아쉬웠는지 난데없이 혼자 집에서 시켜먹게 되어버렸던 것이었던 것이다.

  • 구글 주 메뉴

    구글 주 메뉴

    아니 이형들 해장국집에서 아침 먹는 일정을 관리하시는 분들이었다니!