my own foodshed

I have kept track of my own foodshed. I wish I could embed this graph. Anyway.

1. MUFFIN (3.0) / 2. BURGER (3.0)

3. 제육 (2.0) / 4. KATSU DON (2.0) / 5. 김치찌개 (2.0) / 6. 만두 (2.0)  / 7. FRUIT SALAD (2.0) / 8. 오뎅국 (2.0) / 9. PAN CAKE (2.0) / 10. MEATBALL (2.0)

It’s a month’s. There are only two tripled. It’s a nice diversity. Actually, muffin is not my favorite, but at Cosmopolitan Hotel Cafe near my work, it’s not just muffin. They bake their own crispy muffin.

To remember, I also take pictures of my food. @flickr MY FOODSHED set. But, I don’t like take a picture of food so much, cause I’m always busy to eat.

Fridge solution

It was a while ago, there was a TV show about food. One famous chef went to a family house, and he made whatever chef-gourmet from the fridge garbage.

I wish there’s Fridge Manager, too.

1. Scan (or take a picture) the receipt. or scan the barcode with iPhone.

2. upload them, then the Fridge Manager keeps track of foods.

3. Even suggest some receipt based on things in the fridge.

Is this good business model or what?