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iTunes and iPhone’s sync problem keeps bugging me. To find out, I tried unsync tab by tab, and it was Aperture. So, googled. Yup. The worst problem ever. – Apple Discussions: Aperture library cannot be found by iTunes. Also in Aperture users group has same thread Discuss: problem with syncing aperture photos to iphone. ((Even similar symptom troubled people since 2007! Apple Discussions: BUG: Photo sync with Aperture albums?))

The reason is simple. Aperture didn’t make proper previews for other iApps. Hey, Aperture team. Please work with others. But the solution is … it’s case by case. 1. Someone rebuilt whole library, ((Usually Aperture users library is hundreds of gigs. That’s why they use Aperture instead of iphoto.))  2. others selected photos and deleted previews and re-made them or 3. none of them failed.

There was pro app (and Aperture) update today. Before I do the painful rebuilding, I wished this update could fix this bug, but… So now I’m rebuilding the whole Aperture library. Thank you, Jobs.

and solution 1. failed. doing no.2.

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  1. Places…

    It took one full day to re-build whole Aperture library with the 2nd soultion. While digging it, I googled some new features of Aperture 3.11 which, in fact, included in iPhoto in new iLife11.2 iPhoto’s slideshow templates has been always awesome…

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