It was 1 week of break between the summer semester and fall, initial schedule. I don’t know why but fall semester begins 1 more week later, and everyone goes to west cost. I don’t know why as well. All I know about NY is Columbia area, esp the Avery hall, so I became 2 weeks NY tourist with my ‘real’ tourist friend, Jule.

Just having more common sense of geography was my goal for 2 weeks. When somebody says something in studio, I can guess whatever it’s location or history, if I were in Seoul.

Jule and me went some tourists’ spot and some trivia places with subway. Subways is made for commuter, that is, it’s made for function. That makes our tour sample tour. All the image was non-linear and not connected. So we decided to rent bikes. AND I bought a bike from some local bike shop. Yes, I was there to rent. I have no idea of buying a bike.

photo by Jule

Photo by Jule.

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