flickr+googlemap via Y!pipes

I tried many types of geotagging method on web, and here’s some ways I found. I really love to SHARE. – This comes up between class. To explain and record, I write those things here.

1. I tried to mash up Flickr’s KML and Google map. It was simple like copy and paste.

1) copy KML address.
2) paste it in the Google map’s search window.
3) and you can see the menu “View in Google Earth”

2. BUT Flickr’s default KML only hold recent 20 entries, so I googled.

1) Some bright guy made PHP code for this with this, we can make KML with 200 photos at a time. I tried, but it was not clear solution for everyone, because it needs server for php and knowledge of php code. (I have server hosting and can manage some code, but it does not work well either.)

2) Y!pipes is GUIed code running system. Like MEL script for Maya is CUI, Grasshopper for Rhino is GUI. With Y!Pipes I can make code, and it runs in Yahoo’s server. AND somebody already made code for this.

a. flickr api key is kind of password to communicate with your flickr account and other mashup application. You can find it

b. and flickr User ID is yes, User ID, but it is used between code, so we have to generate it. with this site, we can get some weird id.

c. then Run Pipe, then you can get geotagged sources in various type of file. The simpliest and ‘real time’ way is RSS. click RSS and copy address of the RSS, paste it into the Google map’s search window. other method like “Get as PHP” “Get as KML” also works, but they are not real time. (but sometimes static file is needed, I think)

d. The last thing is to get Geotagged RSS + Google map mashup’s link.

3) BUT the Geotagged RSS is now temporary, because we just ran other guy’s pipe, so I have to make my own pipe to run this code permanently. It’s easy. The original pipes can be shared. so I can make clone of original pipe, and can modify it.

a. click clone (Of course, we need Y!pipe account.)

b. click edit, there’s some cute boxes. All we have to do is change Flickr user ID’s default variable and flickr api key’s defult variable. (WARNING: flickr api key must be private.)

c. save a copy of your pipe. and do the same thing.

3. we have other simple way of this : somebody does everything. =)

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