Pisticci from jacopast on Vimeo. UDees met up at Pisticci restaurant. Simple dinner. I liked it. But Michael’s pasta was pure veg. – FAIL. October 27 2010


Revising last fall studio’s products of AtelierMOJO. Drowning Brooklyn was the core idea of Messed-up plan. For the best portfolio, also on the web, this time.


약간 ‘선발된’ 아이들로 구성된 학장님의 연구 수업의 주제는 ‘음식’이었다. 사실 Foodshed라는 말을 뭐라고 번역해야할지 정확히는 모르겠지만, 당신의 밥상에 올라오는 길을 추적하는 것으로부터 시작되는 연구라고 하면 좋겠다. 요즘의 트렌드라면 트렌드다. 결국 대상지는 이미 정해져 있었다. 캣스킬이라는 2등급 토양 지역의 농부들이 어떻게 독립적으로 살아남아 있는가를 살펴보니 맨하탄에서 2시간 거리라는 장점을 이용, 직거래 장터를 성공했다는 것. 그래서 농부들을… Continue reading 근황

Power Postcard

Dear Buffalo. You seem very tired recently. Maybe you need other energy drink, I’ll figure it out, don’t worry. We are searching for other drinks in the history refrigerator, economic refrigerator, and political refrigerator. Yes, it’s tough, but power means not only electricity, we have to keep searching on every aspect of power. Power is… Continue reading Power Postcard

site matters

I think I found what I have to do in Queens West both in Studio work and RDNY class after reading the “epilogue” of the book, ‘Site matters.’ That is, why Kaja decided this area to be one of the 5 sites. As part of a bid by New York City to host the 2012… Continue reading site matters


working on 10%. Dealing with data is really fun, IF dealt with code. if not, it’s just labor.

action drawing

(Action Drawing, GSAPP MSAUD Summer UD studio, Jun 23, 2009, A0 size poster) After 2 week’s research on Queens west, I did not want to use the academic ‘term’ gentrification, but gentrification just too fit for Long Island’s situation not to use it in poster, even if ‘we’ learn this word just 1 day before pin-up.… Continue reading action drawing