게으름과 뻘짓, 두 축을 일생의 과업이라 믿었건만, 이런 초천재 흉아가 있었을 줄이야.
나는 어디로 가야한단 말인가.

전혀 필요없음의 미학.


전혀 쓸모없음.
Not practical at all. Just for having fun playing with the files on your desktop. : Gravity on desktop

의자에서 일어나기도 귀찮으신 분들을 위해
These are for people who feel even bothered just to stand up from your chair, grab the mess and put it away. : Bookshelves for Super-Lazy People (like me)

게다가 잘 꺼먹기도 하셔서

The Ball’s in My Court? I Was Waiting for Your Answer!That happens very often, doesn’t it? Then why not visually check who’s turn to answer and how many answers are on hold in your Mail app?

거기에 이 형 유머가 예술, Don’t Leave Your Trash for Long
그런데 CG는 왜이리 깔끔하셔. Just a Sketch: Mobile Phone 그리고  Calendar Desktop Wallpapers.

via ironyjk‘s me2day

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