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  • Sunset


    뉴저지 프로젝트를 하는데, 렌더링에 누군가 ‘뉴저지의 노을’을 주문했다. 아니, 노을이 뉴저지 노을 다르고 뉴욕 하늘 다른가. 계절과 위도가 같으면 대략 비슷한 거 아닌가… 싶지만, 지형에 따라, 공기의 질에 따라 (물론) 계절과 위도에 따라 다르겠지. 정말 다를까. 봄이 오는 3월말 퇴근길. On the way home. It is NJ sunset.

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    Site visit

    https://flic.kr/p/ZzkDdN, September 27, 2013 at 10:05AM

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  • 2001


    Cathedral Parkway. 2001. He said he was from Hong Kong, and studied architecture. – Now I live in 112th. Ollies 2001. She studied at FIT. No recent news. Powerbook G4, 2001. Desktop wallpaper was Niizaka. My future wife. I was in NY, she was still in Seoul.

  • balcony


    A balcony design that makes me giggle. Is it another Dutch design in NY? I’m getting curious about NY’s balcony code.

  • sumpring

    Sneaking out from busy studio, went to Hudson Beach Cafe at Riverside Park. As I expected, After I bought hoodies, the weather turned out to be warmer. Ando, Brad and Bekah’s puppy, chased squirrel, Chirag threw frisbee, I took out camera from my tote. It’s been quite a while since I shoot outside.

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