뉴저지 프로젝트를 하는데, 렌더링에 누군가 ‘뉴저지의 노을’을 주문했다. 아니, 노을이 뉴저지 노을 다르고 뉴욕 하늘 다른가. 계절과 위도가 같으면 대략 비슷한 거 아닌가… 싶지만, 지형에 따라, 공기의 질에 따라 (물론) 계절과 위도에 따라 다르겠지. 정말 다를까. 봄이 오는 3월말 퇴근길. On the way home. It is NJ sunset.


Cathedral Parkway. 2001. He said he was from Hong Kong, and studied architecture. – Now I live in 112th. Ollies 2001. She studied at FIT. No recent news. Powerbook G4, 2001. Desktop wallpaper was Niizaka. My future wife. I was in NY, she was still in Seoul.


A balcony design that makes me giggle. Is it another Dutch design in NY? I’m getting curious about NY’s balcony code.


Sneaking out from busy studio, went to Hudson Beach Cafe at Riverside Park. As I expected, After I bought hoodies, the weather turned out to be warmer. Ando, Brad and Bekah’s puppy, chased squirrel, Chirag threw frisbee, I took out camera from my tote. It’s been quite a while since I shoot outside.