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Which do you like most? 1. Figure, Parcel and Topo 2. Figure and Topo 3. Figure and Parcel 4. Figure olny


Revising last fall studio’s products of AtelierMOJO. Drowning Brooklyn was the core idea of Messed-up plan. For the best portfolio, also on the web, this time.

Food urbanism

Saltpans, new market-rated residential… ferry.. Actually Saltpans are sweet and barbecue flavored… Or Chex mix Urbanism.

pin-up boys

Ready for studio pin-up. Team MUDD, Chirag, Brad, Josh.

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Visual Studies

Visual Studies class – ‘Ultra Real’ 2009 Thanks, Côme, You are amazing!

some old works

One from my works – for an elevation. starts from folding paper. It goes like this…