Hoonie’s mother kept her head down, handling her sharp knife confidently—each cube of radish was square and certain. When a large mound of white radish cubes formed on the cutting board, she transferred the load in a clean swipe into a mixing bowl. She was paying such careful attention to the matchmaker’s talking that privately, Hoonie’s mother feared she would begin to shake from nerves.

— Pachinko (National Book Award Finalist) by Min Jin Lee

훈이 엄마는 고개를 숙인 채 날카로운 칼을 단단히 잡고서 무를 반듯반듯하게 탁탁 썰었다. 네모난 무토막들이 도마 위에 수북하게 쌓이면 무 더미를 커다른 그릇에 깨끗하게 쓸어 담았다. 하지만 실상은 중매쟁이의 이야기를 하나도 놓치지 않고 있었다. 훈이 엄마는 너무 긴장해서 몸이 떨릴까 봐 불안할 정도로 집중해서 듣고 있었다.

— 파친코, 이민진

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