It took one full day to re-build whole Aperture library with the 2nd soultion. While digging it, I googled some new features of Aperture 3.1 ((UPDATED: Aperture 3.1 Arrives – MUCH Faster, Many New Features : which, in fact, included in iPhoto in new iLife11. ((Which means, with new iLife11, you can do the same thing, if you geo-tagged your pics.)) iPhoto’s slideshow templates has been always awesome ((As always Apple has done.)) , but I have felt no use of them. However this time, ‘Places’ slide show caught my eyes, cause I have never missed to tag almost every pic’s GPS for years.

It was beautiful. I feel proud of it. Not because of the beauty of the theme, but my long-years’ tagging. All I did was only choosing photos with GPS and the ‘Places’ theme of slideshow. After that, Aperture 3.1 just built it. For music, I just selected for time of 10 min from my iTunes library, so it does’t fit well. I don’t care.

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