Sukkah City

Been to Sukkah City NYC 2010 (pre) exhibition. I thought it’s already installed at Union Square, but it’s not. It’s kind of pre-contest. Some are built, some are yet. Online poll is going on at the New York magazine, and the chosen one will be erected at Union Square. (until Oct.2) If Nidhi wasn’t with me, I might go to Union Square instead of the Gowanus Studio Space.

In fact, many things are not so clear to me. What is the meaning of this competition?Sukkah is basically Hebrew ritual pavilion which they build for their festival of Sukkot. They have some religious rules like: 2 walls, a roof that can see stars, and what type of material should be used.. It’s same as competition rule. This uncertainty makes political and religious comments. Whatever.

One of my favorite from SO-IL. (I assume) They recycled their PS-1 installation for this smart tensegrity pavilion. I believe this one brings most virtue of temporary hut.

Looks cheesy, but I like ‘direct expression’ whatsoever. Because this proceeds will fund local homelessness initiatives. (I don’t know how they can change these to ‘money.’ US people are genius for money.)

This exhibition is not for fully built one. So sometimes people can see part of it. If you vote here, this will be constructed fully.

I think this one has most advanced (means painstaking to build) structure.

I like this big grass fuzz ball, too. I wish I could see the fuzz surrounding the painstaking structure.

As TMDPNY said, this was conversation about a major religion expressing humbleness. this project is a reminder that religiousness is a contemplative and personal journey that makes you reflect on the human experience. and I enjoyed that. I wish I could say hello to the GSAPP people at the exhibition, but I’m too shy. (What happen to Nidhi? I thought she can.)

Whatever the idea is, always built one has more stories. Some are built or partly built, some still remain CG in stage of competition. Let’s see which will be realized at Union Square.

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