Sneaking out from busy studio, went to Hudson Beach Cafe at Riverside Park. As I expected, After I bought hoodies, the weather turned out to be warmer. Ando, Brad and Bekah’s puppy, chased squirrel, Chirag threw frisbee, I took out camera from my tote. It’s been quite a while since I shoot outside.

Bekah and Ando

Bekah joined later, and we ordered drunken-kids’ meal ((wine/beer + Chicken nugget + French Fries)) with complaining the slow Irish waiter. Yes, they didn’t expect this weather, too. ….. “If your cat, Zzin means flat face in Korean, what’s long face?” I forgot what’s ‘long’ in Korean. – It’s GIN~ [긴] chit chat chit chat…

@bkingsley and Ando

After all the depressed days – emotionally, physically – , spring like summer comes final finally. Even nothing comes clearly yet.

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