Many guys in GSAPP learned Processing. IT guys said that now Processing is old fashion, and Openframesworks is in fashion. Whatever.

Oneday, people said we, architects should learn C++, and it was my undergraduate mandatory class. And I learned Flash, HTML and little bit of Visual Basic later, much later tried to learn Nodebox, and installed Processing again. At some point, Maya’s Mel script was kind of everyone-should-learn, now Grasshopper is. So what?

Yes, I like those for my hobby. However why should every architect learn all these so-called ‘creative code’ to deal with data? I barely remember C++ codes. Simply because it’s nothing with my practice. It takes double time than programmers to learn code for us. No, not double. Double of double. Cause we don’t use it as our everyday-practice tool.

I mean, learning from tool and learning tool is different.

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