Power Postcard


Dear Buffalo.

You seem very tired recently. Maybe you need other energy drink, I’ll figure it out, don’t worry.

We are searching for other drinks in the history refrigerator, economic refrigerator, and political refrigerator. Yes, it’s tough, but power means not only electricity, we have to keep searching on every aspect of power.

Power is not just power itself. Wait. It takes time, but we’ll be there and check out first this weekend. See you soon.

Untitled 2.jpg

Dear Sunset park.

Your mojo was extremely powerful. I remeber your pictures of Brooklyn Army Terminal. It was one great fusion of infrastructure and building.

I’m looking for where your mojo’s gone. Yes, it’s not easy to find it, but I’m sure we can find your mojo because we are with Moji.



학교 책 만든다고 들어갈 페이지 만들어오라고 (MOH하고 싶은데 참고 -0-) 해서 했습니다. –-;; 이제 영작해서 텍스트를 넣어야되는데 –-;; 가장 중요한 HWP가 없습니다 -_-;;