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  • stairway to class

    2004년 대학원 스튜디오 “Folly” 작업. 어떤 종류의 ‘기능이 없는’ 기능의 건물에 대한 수업 그 땐 모델만드는 일이 정말 재밌었다. 도미 선생님 스튜디오에서 했던 작업 중에 나 개인적으로는 제일 마음에 들었던 작업인데, 제대로된 사진이 안남아있네. 에잉.

  • diagram

    We (almost) had no diagram, cause we wanted to let drawing explain itself. (We were tired of drawing diagrams from last 2 semester.) However, it’s time to finish, and at least one diagram to explain whole concept. – Chex-mix urbanism

  • mp for hydrologic

    I still don’t like the color. Anyway, good job, men. Now for MP for life.

  • Brooklyn_b

    Revising last fall studio’s products of AtelierMOJO. Drowning Brooklyn was the core idea of Messed-up plan. For the best portfolio, also on the web, this time.

  • Food urbanism

    Saltpans, new market-rated residential… ferry.. Actually Saltpans are sweet and barbecue flavored… Or Chex mix Urbanism.

  • pin-up boys

    Ready for studio pin-up. Team MUDD, Chirag, Brad, Josh.

  • working

    working on 10%. Dealing with data is really fun, IF dealt with code. if not, it’s just labor.