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  • site matters

    I think I found what I have to do in Queens West both in Studio work and RDNY class after reading the “epilogue” of the book, ‘Site matters.’ That is, why Kaja decided this area to be one of the 5 sites. As part of a bid by New York City to host the 2012 […]

  • 시간은 없고 할 일은 많은데 하루 종일 한 게 이거 하나.

  • working

    working on 10%. Dealing with data is really fun, IF dealt with code. if not, it’s just labor.

  • action drawing

    (Action Drawing, GSAPP MSAUD Summer UD studio, Jun 23, 2009, A0 size poster) After 2 week’s research on Queens west, I did not want to use the academic ‘term’ gentrification, but gentrification just too fit for Long Island’s situation not to use it in poster, even if ‘we’ learn this word just 1 day before pin-up. […]