Even the screen saver is beautiful. KINDLE KINDLE KINDLE ~

I like Ben Kweller’s ‘Falling’ so much, and oh, I heard news Ben made a new album with some famous writer. Let’s get it. – Then I bought Ben Folds’s new album. Yes, it’s different Ben! I confused Ben Folds with Ben Kweller. Furthermore I never knew Nick Hornby was big one. Sorry, I just discovered one of my favorite movie, High fidelity was from his book. Should I read this book? Feel like I should do. Yes, I have Kindle.

In fact, the beautiful lyrics doesn’t bother me. – I rarely hear lyrics for music. However, this album is still beautiful. If I understand the lyrics, I’d be touched double, but I don’t care.



My Kindle came to my hands. My (usual) stupidity made me to order it to the old address and I had to meet my old room mate. Anyway, now it’s in my hand, using it for 10 hours. It’s a thing. I can”t let it off my hands.

the other side of the ledger

Yes, we are a little less focused, thanks to the electric stimulus of the screen. Yes, we are reading slightly fewer long-form narratives and arguments than we did 50 years ago, though the Kindle and the iPad may well change that. Those are costs, to be sure. But what of the other side of the ledger? We are reading more text, writing far more often, than we were in the heyday of television.

via Unboxed – Yes, People Still Read, but Now It’s Social – via @timemuseum