Broken again

My Kindle’s screen is screwed up. The e-ink seems split on e-paper, and after simple phone call, Amazon sent me a new one. – It was when I was at 116th. The same thing happen to new one, and I’m in Seoul. Hmm…


Even the screen saver is beautiful. KINDLE KINDLE KINDLE ~ I like Ben Kweller’s ‘Falling’ so much, and oh, I heard news Ben made a new album with some famous writer. Let’s get it. – Then I bought Ben Folds’s new album. Yes, it’s different Ben! I confused Ben Folds with Ben Kweller. Furthermore I never knew… Continue reading Ben


Finally. My Kindle came to my hands. My (usual) stupidity made me to order it to the old address and I had to meet my old room mate. Anyway, now it’s in my hand, using it for 10 hours. It’s a thing. I can”t let it off my hands.

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