action drawing

(Action Drawing, GSAPP MSAUD Summer UD studio, Jun 23, 2009, A0 size poster)

After 2 week’s research on Queens west, I did not want to use the academic ‘term’ gentrification,┬ábut gentrification just too fit for Long Island’s situation not to use it in poster, even if ‘we’ learn this word just 1 day before pin-up. Through the historical research of landuse and builtyear, we can find there’s rapid change in LIC, and the milestones were flux of transportation. As landuse spectrum shows us, it makes change of industry and people’s life in Queens west. 100 years’ forming urban fabric was based on the industry, and step by step, slowly, but recent re-development was not. It’s too fast and forced by beautiful but not-affordable city’s master plan. It makes natives low-income queens native outside of Queens.

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