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  • Shinkenchiku

    Me and Seohong’s work won the honorable mention from Shinkenchiku’s competition in Japan. Still I regret to compromise at some point. Well, that’s my limitation to overcome. Yet, it’s not officially announced, and concerning of copyright, I should not upload this material, whatever. It’s just small thumbnail. I’ll explain more later… (when?)

  • done

    비행기 타기 몇일전까지 작업을 하다보니 주변 사람들에게 쿠사리도 좀 먹었었다. 심사가 다 끝나려면 11월인가? 생각했던 것만큼 그림이 따라주지 못해서 많이 속상했었다. 어쨌든 다시 뉴욕. 난 학교 좋더만, 성문이 그러더라. “나를 위한 학교가 세상에 어딨겠냐.” 불만이 많구나 너.

  • Competition is not yet over, but for my own record. I love the idea which Song e and me made, but I don’t like final drawing.