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Something that is amazing is not always non-understandable like X-file. For example, my friend once told me she was still amazed with flying air plane. We know how air plane flies from school or some pretty illustrated book, but it’s still amazing. Frankly it was not so amazing to me. Simply because, I didn’t care. After I heard her story, every time I fly, I feel amazed. (and scared. – It’s side effect.)

For me what amaze me all the time, is open source. How has it been possible? We know how it works. but still amazing. I’m reading a boring book, ‘The World Is Flat” which begins with some interesting facts of outsourcing services from US to India, and how it works. Until the first chapter it was fine, but suddenly it goes to history of IT. From the birth of the internet which I have lived through with. Yes, I’m not a programmer nor IT guy, but I was even among the First Korean bloggers. (It’s a dark history. And by some mistake my old blogging archives are gone.) Anyway, most of story was not history in a book to me. I have watched them grow. That’s why it was boring. However when its history comes to the stories of open source, it gets interested. Because, still for me, open source is all mystery.

The world’s biggest computer company decided that its engineers could not best the work of an ad hoc open-source collection of geeks, so they threw out their own technology and decided to go with the geeks!

Huh, even Apache was open source. I even didn’t know that. And open source was not just a fantasy of humanity. It’s result of business. Amazing business. and I’m expecting to know how it has worked.

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