[column width=”48%” padding=”4%”]1. Even though I’m unemployed and sitting at desk all day, I have a thin line between weekdays and weekend. For weekdays, update portfolio and applying for job, and for weekend, updating this site. – It’s been almost 10 years I bought this domain, jacopast.com, but I never put my architectural works. Of course, here and there, in blog post, my works are spread, but never had specific pages of works. So, I made my mind to update with pages of works with updating my hard copy of portfolio. However it’s not easy to start something. WordPress 3.0 already has CMS ability, but to be a serious CMS, it needs to be customized little bit. Worse is that my blog’s template was made… maybe almost at the time of WP 2.o. It barely is widget ready, and not page ready. So, my whole weekend is spent on modifying new template of WP 3.0, called “Twenty Ten”.[/column]

[column width=”48%]2. After Battle Star Galactica, I never find equivalent sci-fi TV show. Yes, they could be little less interesting, but BSG is too high. Tried Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, but all failed. It’s too old, and never serious. Stargate Universe is worth watching. Even though it’s mix of Lost, Star Trek and BSG ((Actually Stargate itself is low-profile copy of Star Trek.)), it’s serious. BUT! it’s just first season. I’m at desk all day, and it took just a day. I need more supply.

3. Finished ‘Mentalist’, and following Bruno Heller’s ‘Bionic Woman.’

4. Started watching ‘Cowboy Bebop,’ again. My all time favorite, HD remaster this time.[/column]


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