It was long time since I visit PS1 MoMA in Queens. This area was my first studio study area 1 year before. 1 year already?

Their summer warm-up party is held with annual temporary ‘building’ project is great step for all young architects. This year’s winner was SO-IL. I like their proposal than any other past winner. It’s party, people should be happy, but sometimes other architects want to put their ‘statement’ before ‘fun.’ Their idea was simple and funny. – I think this annual exhibition is few chance to give their professional to public benefit. (Please don’t put your philosophy in front of FUN, why so serious?)

Anyway, it’s not strict structure, so there should be some security guys. (yes kids are playing!)

Grown-ups, too

shakin’ shankin’- The Balls were playing too.

Woops. This ball was alone.

After PS1, I visited 5 pointz, too. – The gallery of dead graffiti, and met a black cat.

She ignored me and pass by me and…

hunt down a flying mouse pigeon! Wild wild New York! That’s why the NY pigeons are flying! (Seoul’s lazy pigeons don’t fly – cuz cats are lazy, too.)

Still, I don’t care of inside of PS1. 🙂

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