these days

P2062764After Mumbai, I lost my charger for Olympus EP-1, thus I couldn’t take a picture except iPhone . (sometimes it’s better actually)

So I ordered new charger from (what a name! only battery!) for cheaper charger. (original Olympus charger for EP-1 is more than $50) on Feb 4. They said it would take 1 week. So I almost forgot the delivery and I went to field trip to Catskills on Feb 6 when the package delivered. I checked the package shelf where doorman put them everyday.

I found out that the package is already delivered, and visited post office. (already so annoying) – “Yes, it’s delivered to your doorman.”, but if it’s delivered, they notice me. Again I asked to doorman what’s happening to my package. He said, oh, if it’s small it will directly go to your mailbox. Why don’t you open your mailbox? – Damn landlady never told me I had mailbox, and of course never gave me mailbox key.

AND I found out that she changed her number or cut cell phone service. After beeping, someone said “it’s wrong number.”

So, I couldn’t take a picture after Catskills field trip.

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