I use so many bookmarking tools like,,, (and thousand more..) However, I always google these bookmarks again. As I think bookmarking is also a kind of mapping on web. As James Corner wrote in the ‘The Agency of Mapping(pdf),’ mapping is not just tracing, then my bookmarking services should be more like mapping of finding, not just tracing facts or data. That is, with the bookmarks or my account of each service should show me something.

However, I still cannot find any better mapping than this.

Detective Crews’ room in ‘Life’, from Books, TV, etc

David Hockney also said that his research tools are ‘photoshop and color laserjet’

I want my Tumblr to be a ‘image bookmarking’ inspiring me, but it does not work either. If there’s no web service for bookmark mapping, then FREE ‘three 32’cinema displays’ service will be OK.

Al Gore’s office from Time

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