City of Housing, Housing of City

City of Housing, Housing of City

  • Special Mention
    at Central Glass international competition, ShinkenchikuSa, Japan
  • Site: Shenzhen, China (on google map)
  • Team: Seohong Min
  • Rendering: Hyo youn Kwon

Housing is infrastructure.

The fundamental problem of housing as infrastructure is that it regulates a fixed lifestyle, making adaptation to environmental changes difficult. If housing can support a contemporary heterogeneous lifestyle, it can play a monumental role in the realization of the sustainable City.

We believe ‘City’ is not an aggregate of spaces categorized by definitive functions, but a continuum where private and public daily life can coexist. This proposal rehabilitates housing as infrastructure by
1) creating a series of overlapping conditions that blur the boundaries between public and private fields,
2) deconstructing the unit of ‘Family’, as we understand as housing, and
3) redefining the notion of private space.

  • 250 people x 41 cores = 10,250 people
  • Land Area : 151,600 m2
  • FAR: 316 %
  • Max height: 35m

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