site matters

I think I found what I have to do in Queens West both in Studio work and RDNY class after reading the “epilogue” of the book, ‘Site matters.’ That is, why Kaja decided this area to be one of the 5 sites.

As part of a bid by New York City to host the 2012 Olympic Games, five multidisciplinary teams of architects, landscape architects, and urban designers and planners were invited to offer design ideas for an Olympic Village… Each team conformed to established presentation requirements, yet each nonetheless depicted their project and its urban surroundings in notably different ways. Despite common constraints regarding scale and size, the models varied widely in extent and character. One team focused on local edge conditions, conceiving the site in terms of immediate physical surroundings. In contrast, another treated the site strictly as conceptual terrain, using the proposals to engage the history of ideas about the area. Some teams viewed it as belongings to the city at large, “opening the site as a New York City attraction” or “creating the largest urban waterfront park in New York City.” ………. the other depicted a large swath of Manhattan Island, from the East River to the Hudson, situating the Olympic Village in relation to mid-town. The diffrent physical areas identified as relaaevant to each prohect and the distinct strategies used to see and understand these areas prompt the question : What constitutes a site in design? from ‘Site Matters

Yes. This idea of “definition of site” is nothing new. I already know, maybe every architectural students learn it from the beginning of the first time studio. However, “site matters” really comes to my mind, after the “real” example.

site matters

사놓고 안보던 ‘사이트가 문제야’ (Site Matters)의 첫페이지를 보니, 아 도시 설계 수업과 뉴욕 어바니즘 읽기의 두 수업에 무엇을 해야하는지 알 것 같다. 실은 ‘사이트를 정의하기’라던 4주차때 해야할 일이었던 게야.

쳇. 정작 ‘사이트 정의하기’를 하던 주엔, 당연한 거 아냐? 라고 생각했던, 심지어 저 책의 저자가 강의할 때도, 아니 그래서 뭐 어쩌라구. 했던 건데, 이제사 어이쿠. 하게 된다. 아는 거 하고 느끼는 건 다른 일이다.

그런데 site는 ‘대상지’ 혹은 ‘부지’라고 번역한다치고, ‘urbanism’은 뭐라고 번역해야되는 걸까. 아직도 어바니즘이 뭐에요? 라고 물으면 정말 할 말이 없다. -ism 인거야? 뭐야 도대체.